Health Care Assistants in Ireland

Καταχώρηση 2018/11/02

Our client, a well-established health care provider in Ireland wishes to hire 50 Health Care Assistants.

Health Care assistants help people and try to make a positive difference in the lives of their patients.

The job involves helping people who have problems performing daily activities. The role may involve working with children, the elderly or people with physical or learning disabilities.

If you have a friendly and caring approach and can relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, a career as a care assistant could be the right path for you. It is also necessary to be patient and have a good sense of humour.


Genuine care for others

Good communication skills

Good level of English language & Written Skills

Patient Moving & Handling Certificate

Willingness to live overseas for at least one year


Main Responsibilities

Assisting residents with their hygiene needs, such as, bathing, hair care, shaving, dressing and undressing. 

Helping those who need help at meal times. 

The mobilisation of clients including, assisting the nursing / Care assistant staff to turn and re-position using the appropriate aid, i.e. Hoist, sliding sheets etc. Help those who need help with walking and limb exercises as directed. Ensure clients are comfortable in bed or in chairs. 

Recording care plans, vital signs and fluid balance as necessary. 

Escort clients within and in some circumstances outside the hospital, Nursing Homes or Clients Homes. 


What client guarantees:

Secure job upon passing at least 2 modules (out of 8 modules) of Health Care FETAC Level 5 course

Permanent contract of 40 hours a week

Organise accommodation in Ireland for the first 2 weeks

Free transfer from your country

Facilitate migration process (eg. pick up from the airport, opening bank account in Ireland, applying for Irish Tax Registration Number)


Please send your cv in English in Microsoft Word format at: mentioning the job title



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Κυριότερες αγγελίες εργασίας Νοέμβριος 2018:


Ιατροί στη Γερμανία                    Ιατροί στη Βρετανία                Πνευμονολόγος στη          20 Assemlers                        Ιατρική ειδικότητα

                                                                                                             Δανία                                     in Holland                             στη Γερμανία

Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ               Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ            Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ    Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ         Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ


Ηλεκτρολόγοι Μηχανικοί           Factory Maintenance              Proto Support Engineer      Industrial Scada Software   Τεχνικοί Ασφαλείας

στην Ολλανδία                             Engineer in Thessaloniki        στην Ολλανδία                     Engineer (Holland)               (Ελλάδα)

Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ               Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ             Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ      Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ       Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ


15 Οδηγοί C/E                               Production Planner                  Assistant Administrative    Branch Manager                   50 Doctors in the 

(Βερολίνο)                                      στην Αυλίδα                              Manager στη Γκάνα            στη Γκάνα                              Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ                Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ           Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ       Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ       Περισσότερα: κλικ εδώ   






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