Regulatory Manager - Cosmetic Safety Assessor

Καταχώρηση 2018/10/01

Our client, a well established cosmetics raw materials company wishes to hire a Regulatory Manager

 The successful candidate will be responsible for planning and conducting Cosmetic Safety Assessments, Toxicological Reviews, Product Information Files and associated services. 

  • To continue to grow the cosmetic safety assessment services in order to achieve an efficient and respected service.
  • To develop work associated with the safety assessments, to include Toxicological reviews, Product Safety Data Sheets, Product Information Pack reviews, reviews of Cosmetic Labelling, writing Cosmetic Manuals for clients and providing training for clients as required in order to provide a service in line with customer needs.
  • To complete all chargeable work efficiently, within the timescales to ensure customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the business and personal chargeability targets.
  • To support business development activities as required in order to grow the business
  • To maintain a full knowledge and understanding of the developing requirements of the areas mentioned above, as well as any new legislation and standards which may be appropriate to this area, in order to service our clients’ ongoing requirements.
  • To work closely with the R&D Director in order to contribute to other areas in order to broaden our in-house capabilities.
  • To train the technical and commercial teams on basic safety knowledge to ensure awareness of the importance of safety for customer protection
  • To be responsible for all safety activities during Innovation and NPD, for the final safety assessment and for ensuring that products on the markets are safe though their lifecycle


Skills and Knowledge

  • Thorough technical knowledge and experience of the Cosmetics and toiletries industry, to carry out complete Cosmetic Product Safety Reports and toxicological reviews.
  • To have effective Interpersonal skills, showing an ability to develop good working relationships with people at all levels both inside and outside of the business.
  • Good communication skills needed
  • High level of accuracy needed


  • A Pharmacist or a Toxicologist or a Biochemist or any adjacent field with at least 1 year experience in toxicology or safety assessment in the FMCG, life science or chemical industry. Dermatological background or experience is an advantage. 

To apply: Please send resumes in Microsoft Word format at mentioning job title


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