Junior Accountant in Sandanski (Bulgaria)

Posted 2/4/2019

Our client an industrial company established in Sandanski (BULGARIA) wishes to hire a junior Accountant.


The suitable candidates should be experienced in the following:

Encoding accounting entries for data processing

Preparing financial documents such as invoices, bills, and accounts payable and receivable

Managing day-to-day transactions

Managing payroll

Completing bank reconciliations

Completing purchase orders

Entering financial information into appropriate software programs

Managing company ledgers

Preparing Intrastat and VAT reconciliations


Working 5 days a week 08:00-16:30 (including 3 break times of 1 hour per day)



Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in economics

Excellent knowledge of English language (as well as Bulgarian)

Good command of spreadsheets 

Work experience in ERP will be well appreciated 


To apply: please send your resume in Word format at Info@hrstrategy.gr 



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