Junior HR Consultant

Posted 1/2/2019

Already a junior HR Consultant? Start your journey right here, join our HRStrategy team, bring your dreams!

At HRStrategy, we’re driven by our customers and employees. That’s why we provide more than just a job – we provide opportunity. Whether you’re already part of our team in search of a new challenge or new to our company and ready for what’s next, you’re in the right place. Every dream is a journey that starts with a single step.


The Role:

Junior HR Consultant supports the diagnosis, development and implementation of client-specific HR solutions through the use of data and storytelling, coaching and consultation with clients. Partners with Human Resource Advisors and divisional centers of expertise to deliver HR solutions and programs that attract, motivate, develop and retain talent. 


Specialized Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Experience in providing customer-driven solutions, support or service.

Demonstrates experience in analyzing and synthesizing data into easy to understand and actionable recommendations in written and presentation form using data, graphics, and effective storytelling to communicate insights and implications for decision making.

Ability to facilitate efforts across multiple business units

Develops creative and/or innovation solutions to business needs

Knowledge and understanding of project management processes and methods.


Our company offers:

An attractive salary.

A bonus upon performance rewarding scheme.

Many career developent opportunities.

A fine working environment.


If you can think big, join HRStrategy to think Bigger!


You may apply by sending us your resume in Word format by pressing here or at info@hrstrategy.gr, mentioning job title


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