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Executive Search 
Professional Search 
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Interim Human Resources Management
Labor and Industrial Relations
Human Resources Policies and Processes



Executive Search  


Our goal is to provide effective and efficient recruitment solutions on behalf of our clients. We are sourcing and tracking candidates, by using a variety of professional and scientific methods (structured interviews, competency-based interviews etc.).

Our search process begins with research from both our internal database and the best available external databases.

We meet weekly with our clients to review the progress made on their specific projects and discuss information regarding identified candidates, and potential.

Critical part of our success is our 24 years of experience; our executive team is working with structured interviews, Psychometric tests in association with Assessment Center Organizations.


1. Evaluation of the need and market mapping

2. Sourcing

3. Preliminary Screening

4. Short-listed candidates



Our research and assessment methodology:


  • We organize 2 interview sessions, one in writing and another orally, to assess the right candidate according to your company’s requirements,
  • We proceed to analytical presentation of every candidate’s potential, his or her personal vision, prior experience, detailed job description of past positions, in order to understand exactly if the candidate is qualified or not,
  • We prepare a report for every candidate that may suit your company’s needs, explaining in detail why we think that he/she will be a good candidate for the job you offer,
  • We pursue to provide additional candidates (if exist) with more or even less qualifications than the ones your company initially asked, for benchmarking reasons, so to inform you about the salary ranges or other conditions in our country.
  • We announce in the final step -upon your agreement only- the name of our client company, so to the candidate prepare himself or herself to meet with you or hold a Skype session or telephone conversation with your company,
  • We remain at your disposal during all the processes described above, so to be sure that all candidates fulfil your expectations, if not, we continue our search according to the detailed criteria of your choice.
  • We give you additional information about the reasons many candidates would not like to proceed, so you to learn better their expectations,
  • We make follow up sessions with the candidates hired, so to realize if they are happy or not with their new job, so to inform you in addition with your official performance appraisal procedures.


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Professional Search


We work with companies to locate and attract the talent needed to fill their key positions.

Our search process is customized to each client's unique needs. From the initial consultation and creation of a search plan to candidates' sourcing and interviewing, we ensure that our clients access the best talent for their culture.


Our recruiters have experience within the industry they serve. Our extensive networks help our specialist acquire the talent needed. Successful recruitment projects include various positions in:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical & Manufacturing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Building and Constructions
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Consumer Goods
  • Office Management & Operations
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources 

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 Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Hrsrategy designs and delivers innovative and scalable recruitment solutions that assist our clients identify, attract, recruit and hire top talent.


We understand the challenges companies face with talent acquisition and embrace the flexibility our clients need to deliver effective H.R. strategies.

We offer customized solutions for entire enterprises, select divisions within a company, specific components of a hiring process and one-time projects providing the following:

  • High volumes of qualified candidates
  • Employer brand optimization
  • Hiring manager and candidates' satisfaction
  • Assistants filling position with distributed or difficult geographies
  • Assistants meeting diversity goals



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Interim Human Resources Management


We assume, on behalf of our clients, the full responsibility of all activities and tasks of the HR function/department of a company and manage the existing HR team (if any). 

The role is performed by an HR leader with a broad understanding of human resources management and is supported and supervised by our Company (Hrstrategy) 

The on-site presence of the HR leader (Director or Manager) ranges from a minimum of 10 hours/week to full time, depending on customer’s needs and priorities.

The duration of the Interim HR Management may have a limited duration of three (3) to twelve (12) months and may be developed into a permanent, potentially outsourced, role.


The Duties and Responsibilities of the Interim H.R. Management, include:

Provide direction for the management of HR policies, procedures, services, and systems, including compensation and benefits, HRIS, performance management, recruitment, and staff development; 

Coordinate and participate in the recruitment, interview, and selection process for all vacant positions;

Work with Company’s Senior Managers to provide HR guidance on employee relations and performance management, with an emphasis on early identification and resolution; facilitate solutions to staff/management challenges;

Work with the HR staff for the oversight of 1) HR operational activities to drive infrastructure initiatives to support HR management and compliance with applicable employment and labor laws in Greece and abroad if needed 2) identify and bring management attention on all potential liability issues and 3) align HR priorities with Company’s strategic direction;

Provide HR leadership for all benefit plans (health plan, workers compensation, unemployment and retirement) and salary administration programs including analysis of cost-effectiveness, market competitiveness, internal equity and compliance;

Provide oversight for leadership development and key talent retention efforts, including succession planning, coaching/counseling, and professional development;

Encourage and advance an HR culture of collaboration and problem solving to support Company’s management and staff.



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Labor and Industrial Relations


Our experts have a strong foundation of knowledge in areas such as:

Labor Law, Collective Bargaining Process, Dispute Resolution.


Services Provided:

  • Leading the Negotiations between the organisation and the employee representatives / unions.
  • Research on Labor laws, Health and Safety, best practices etc.
  • Provision of advice for departmental managers on how to deal with employees, most of all in extraordinary situations.
  • Development of Labor policies.
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the labor union.
  • Developing and revising union contracts.


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Human Resources Policies and Processes


Our experts have broad experience in developing HR policies and procedures, which are a very important aspect of the workplace, as they offer direction to employees, provide guidance to management, and ensure that organizations comply with government regulations and mandates.

HR policies are a simple way to ensure client business in well equipped to handle a number of common workplace issues.


Our team can assist corporations in developing policies such as:

  • Work Health and Safety policy
  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Grievance policy
  • Internet and email policy
  • Social Media policy
  • Privacy policy

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