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Our goal is to provide effective and efficient recruitment solution on behalf of our clients. We are sourcing and tracking applicants, by using a variety of professional and scientific methods.

Critical part of our success is our 24 years of experience; our executive team is working with structured interviews, Psychometric tests in association with Assessment Center Organizations.


1. Evaluation

2. Sourcing

3. Preliminary Screening

4. Selection


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Our research and assessment methods


  1. We organize 2 interview sessions, one in writing and another orally, to assess the right candidate according to your company’s requirements,


  1. We proceed to analytical presentation of every candidate’s potential, his or hers’ personal vision, prior experience, detailed job description of past positions, in order to understand exactly if the candidate is qualified or not,


  1. We prepare a report for every candidate that may suit your company’s needs, explaining in detail why we think that he/she will be a good candidate for the job you offer,


  1. We pursue to provide additional candidates (if exist) with more or less qualifications than the ones your company initially asked, for benchmarking reasons, so to inform you about the salary ranges or other conditions in our country.


  1. We announce in the final step -upon your agreement only- the name of our client company, so to the candidate prepare himself or herself to meet with you or hold a Skype session or telephone conversation with your company,


  1. We remain at your disposal during all the procedures described above, so to be sure that all candidates fulfil your expectations, if not, we continue our search according to the detailed criteria of your choice.


  1. We give you additional information about the reasons many candidates would not like to proceed, so you to learn better their expectations,


  1. We make follow up sessions with the candidates hired, so to realize if they are happy or not with their new job, so to inform you in addition with your official performance appraisal procedures.


We remain at your disposal in order to assist you in your future needs or other questions you may have about the Greek labor market.



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