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Performance evaluation is a daily "tool" used for centuries informally, while in the last 50 years has taken the shape of a formal and commonly prescribed written procedure. 


The purpose of the "tool" has always been to maximize the quality and quantity of information to and from the management and employees respectively, in order to improve their performance.


The latter, even if not affecting the employee himself, is very likely to touch the family members to thereby reduce the total family income. The moral of society and therefore the workforce affected very significantly, which leads to productivity reduction.


Since wage increases, extraordinary productivity pay, overtime, other benefits are probably extinct in the country, the only solution nowadays to increase business productivity through human labor, is the frequent communication beteween management and employees, the establishment of a stable and formal dialogue model together with obvious for both sides benefits.


We deliver performance evaluation programs for businesses, supporting the administration and the staff in their implementation. Your profits, our purpose!


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