Designer Electromechanics

Καταχώρηση 2018/10/01

Our client a Dutch technology firm with 2.800 employees, wishes to hire permanently an Electromechanics Designer.

Tasks Description:


-        Getting up and reviewing specifications of modules together with the client;

-        Convince the data supplied by the external or internal customer into 3D models and production drawings;

-        Independently designing, implementing, testing and documenting hardware (electrical/electromechanical) using state-of-the-art methods;

-        Develop and test appropriate management tools;

-        Helping with the production of the developed products;

-        Drafting and monitoring of schedules;

-        Maintaining contacts with clients, whether or not aimed at an ongoing project and the expansion of the client network;

-        Changing knowledge and gained experience to fellow workers.




-        Communicative  and social.

-        With a broad interest in technology and have knowledge of electronics, mechatronics and production techniques.

-        Solution-oriented and able to work both as a team and independently.

-        a higher professional education or university degree in the direction of Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics;

-        At least 5 years of relevant work experience in a job such as designer, engineer or constructor;

-        Good knowledge and experience with MS Office Word and Excel;

-        Experience with Siemens NX or another 3D design package is an advantage;

-        Good communication and written skills in Dutch and English;


The company offers:


Basic salary in the band width of € 2.400,- up to € 3.500,- gross per month (40

hours working week). This depends on educational background and relevant work experience

24 paid holiday days a year

Public holiday, maximum of 7 per year.

Holiday allowance of 8% over total gross year income

Help in the search for housing nearby the site.

Setting up a Dutch bank account

Applying for the BSN number at the Dutch tax office

Applying for the Dutch health insurance

Basic course in the Dutch language



Please send your cv in English in Microsoft Word format at: mentioning the job title. 


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