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Καταχώρηση 2017/12/25

Our client a well established company in Saudi Arabia wishes to hire an experienced Supervisor for his elevators maintenance department. 

Our client's Maintenance Division is responsible in maintaining company's assets and ensures to extend the life of these assets by conducting scheduled services such as Asset Status Monitoring, Inspection Services, Third Party Supervision Services, Predictive Maintenance Services, Manufacturer Authorized Maintenance Services, Preventive Maintenance Services and Reactive Maintenance Services.


Job Summary

Manages operation and maintenance of all Elevators activities in a project section and provides technical support.


Key Accountabilities

  • Anchors the technical activities and manages the affairs in the Elevators section
  • Plans the operation of the Elevators section, setup priorities and approves work orders.
  • Ensures proper implementation of QMS and MMS processes
  • Conducts general inspections to insure quality and sites readiness
  • Coordinate section affairs with project management and division technical support
  • Analyses general performance of the Elevators section, implements corrective actions, and improvement and produces reports to his superiors.
  • Evaluates Elevators equipment and system status and recommends modification and upgrading
  • Supports subordinates in developing their competences.
  • Ensures client complaints are resolved properly.
  • Seeks expert's advice as needed and Provides technical support to the section.
  • Manages and evaluates Elevators manpower
  • Initiates, approves, and follows up supply chain and logistics to ensure adequacy
  • Ensure client complaints are resolved properly.
  • Attends promptly to major faults
  • Leads commissioning of new Elevators equipment and follows up lifting of MO.
  • Supervise three to seven Elevators supervisors.


  • Ability to supervise, guide and coordinate
  • Thorough knowledge on Elevators
  • Understands and can resolve technical issues
  • Ability to effectively organize, delegate and coordinate work
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to read technical drawings, and to know commissioning procedures

Ability to read, write and communicate in English



  • Bachelor of Engineering in related field



  • Minimum 12 years experience in field of Maintenance on Elevators
  • Minimum 4 years of supervisory experience


Additional Requirements      

  • Have experienced working in a multi cultural environment
  • Have experienced working in a prominent organization

Please send your cv in English in Microsoft Word format at: info@hrstrategy.gr mentioning the job title. 



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