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Καταχώρηση 2018/07/17

Our client a Dutch engineering company, with about 100 employees and 10 years of experience in the Netherlands currently expanding its local branch in Athens, Greece and wishes to hire a Marine Engineer. 

Job Description

As a Marine Engineer you translate the requests of clients into a design in the field of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. In the early
stages of a project it will be your task to determine, with a project team, the boundaries which define the structural design (environmental loads, accelerations, workability). Next to that, you will independently perform projects related to Marine Engineering (hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis, mooring analysis, etc.)
No project is similar, as the company provides Marine services to a wide variety of clients in multiple markets. This requires effective client communication and a good insight into translating requirements to a functional and practical design, with optimized solutions to the client specific requirements. To be of upmost efficiency a Marine Engineer is required to have a solid balance between being practical and theoretical, as most challenges are complex but require a practical approach.


Candidates profile


Degree in Marine Engineering or Offshore Engineering.

2-3 years of work experience.

Experience with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis.

Skilled in specialist tools (Octopus, Orcaflex, GHS) are an advantage.

Basic knowledge of mechanical engineering (materials, stress design, stability and fabrication processes).

Communicative team player, who also masters the Greek and English language.

Independent, project responsible and client focused.

Enthusiastic, driven and willing to work in the start-up environment of a new branch.


Work environment


Working at this company means working in a friendly environment amongst creative, talented and ambitious people. You work in a young, yet professional team where you are offered possibilities to develop yourself while working on challenging and interesting projects. We work hard to deliver quality and finish projects in time.


To apply: Please send resumes in Microsoft Word format mentioning job title at 


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